18th annual National Black Business Month​ tm

Top, constitution of First African Baptist in Petersburg, founded in 1774; right, Virginia Beneficial and Insurnace Co.. of Norfolk in 1907 and the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site in Jackson Ward National Historic District.

Virginia is the top ranked state in the 18th annual National Black Business Month Black Business Affinity Index ranking.

Although its SWAM program is used as a model by other states, Gov. Ralph Northam and the legislature have begun a reevaluation to improve their supplier diversity and equal opportunity.

The Jackson Ward National Historic District speaks to the longevity of Black business impact in the state, housing the nation's oldest Black bank, insurance company and newspaper at the time of its creation.

Fairfax County's Economic Development Corp. has been a leader in the creation of large African-American firms for decades, leveraging the proximity to large federal buyers.

Virginia ranked no. 1